Review of "Sleep Stalkers" Jacki O’Dierno

It has taken me several days to add my review of Sleep Stalkers . . . because I have a bandaged hand! . . and once I started the book I knew I was on a journey with the characters and I was left with an emotional footprint, and tear stains, after I had clicked on the last page.
The book begins with one of the protagonists in a tense situations, but this sets the story up for us as the reader . . we know we are going to be in for a edge of our seats ride. However, there was something more important for me in Jacki O’Dierno’s writing and that was her use of description. She would use 3 words, where another author may have only used 1, and I think this allows us to be in a more privileged position of being allowed a glimpse of the Sleep Stalker world inside her head.
Although the narration is shared between the three main characters at no point did I feel confused or overwhelmed. Jacki O’Dierno ideally balances the pararnormal story; romance; action; complexities of the plot and pain of the Minions.
However, whilst reading the last 2 chapters I do not think I moved an inch. Jacki O’Dierno built the story to such a perfect crescendo . . . and it was nothing I expected.
I thank her for gifting me this book and look forward to reading her next :-).


It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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