Review of "Being Mrs Dracula" Faith Marlow

Although I am an avid reader of Vampire fiction I am ashamed to say Bram Stoker’s Dracula remains on my ‘to be read’ list, so I began “Being Mrs Dracula” with some trepidation.
The book begins with Van Helsing’s letter to Jonathan Harker, confessing that he has found the journals of Count Dracula’s brides, and as Harker opens these we are plunged into a sometimes terrifying, sometimes evil, sometimes beautiful but at other times heart-breaking world – told through the eyes of Valeria, Ilona and Fleur – the Count’s wives.
Faith Marlow clevely weaves the brides’ journals with the third person narrative so seamlessly that there is no confusion and it helps to bring more depth to the story.
Faith Marlow captures the characters of each of the brides perfectly, through the medium of the journal writing. Valeria was by far my favourite character – she was strong and proud – but so willing to fight for those she cared for.
Ilona’s development was by far the greatest . . .from weak mannered to bold.
Fleur’s arrogance and narcissism was her downfall, she was almost the ‘fool’ of the story.
The one thing I was reminded whilst I was reading this book is although vampires are indeed a work of fiction cruel, abusive men are not, and somewhere there may be a sad diary not unlike the ones of Valeria, Ilona and Fleur, yet the beauty of this plot was how the women learnt to work together as a team to overcome their pain and in this I believe Faith Marlow wrote their happy ending.
My only regret is that the release date for the sequel is so far away!


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